Avalon Home Renovations


Whether you want to sell or stay in your house for many years, finishing the basement as a
livable space is the easiest way to add value to your home. Basements are often the most
underutilized spaces in a home. The possibilities are endless. Remodeling or upgrading your
basement will also improve safety and efficiency by addressing water damage, mold, pests,
radon, fire hazards, or poor insulation.

Depending on your needs, preferences, and space, many options exist, including:
Home office:

you can create a productive and comfortable workspace in your basement by adding a desk, chair, shelves, lighting, and other essentials.

Home Theater:

 You can enjoy watching movies, shows, or sports on a big screen with surround sound by installing a projector, speakers, sofa, and a popcorn machine.

Home Gym:

You can stay fit and healthy by turning your basement into a personal fitness center with equipment such as a treadmill, bike, weights, yoga mat, and mirror

Wet Bar:

You can entertain your guests or relax with a drink in your basement by setting up a bar with a counter, stools, fridge, sink, cabinets, and glasses.

Guest suite:

You can accommodate your visitors by creating a cozy and private guest suite with a bed, closet, bathroom, and kitchenette.

Play room:

You can keep your kids happy and busy by designing a fun and colorful playroom in your basement with toys, games, books, art supplies, and an indoor playhouse or swing.

Craft room:

You can unleash your creativity and pursue your hobbies by dedicating a space in your basement for craft activities such as sewing, knitting, painting, or pottery.