Avalon Home Renovations

Professional Design Services

Our clients often know what they want, and after initial consultations and detailed measurements, we provide a competitive quote to bring your project to life

In cases where the client needs help deciding on design concepts, color selection, and even furnishing, we provide design services through our independent design consultants. As a one-stop shop for our clients, we work with prominent independent design consultants specializing in different design concepts, and we try to match each with the client's specific needs.

Our design consultants pride themselves on curating thoughtful & timeless designs that encompass our client's unique stories and journeys. They take the time to get to know you beyond your favorite colors so that you can live in a place that is more than a home; it's functionally planned and aesthetically designed for you!

The process starts with initial consultations that will take 1-2 hours to review projects in depth, discuss the project scope, tour the space, and take detailed measurements.

The next step is the design proposal, including documents outlining the scope of work, design fees, and forecasted design finish date.

Upon your approval, the actual design work starts. Our design consultant will create your design, source furnishings, create cabinet drawings, renderings if applicable, and a 3D walkthrough of your final design!

In the final stage, our build team will bring your project to life upon your design approval.