Avalon Home Renovations

Traditional Concrete

Concrete is the most common material used for driveways. In general, it is a low-cost solution with many years of trouble-free life. The type of concrete and the gauge of metal mesh used play a significant role in the quality of the final product.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is regular concrete that has been imprinted or patterned, textured, or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, or other patterns and textures. You can have the entire concrete work stamped with your choice of design and color or just a portion.

Paver Concrete

Brick or concrete paving is a commonly used decorative method of creating pavement or driveways. Besides durability and stunning look, the main benefit of paving over other materials is that individual pieces can be lifted and replaced later

Grass Block Concrete

Grass block pavers—also known as turf block or grow-through pavers—are an alternative to traditional concrete pavers. They’re made of concrete blocks with open cells allowing grass to grow. They’re a porous, eco-friendly option for driveways and parking areas, adding a stunning appearance to your house.